The Horror of Daesh and Life Beneath a Burka


On Friday, November 13 I cruised through OKC traffic to a yoga class observing radio silence and tuned into the rhythms of my breath. In practice I noticed imbalances between my left and right, amused whenever I wobble and wander from my center. In that moment I considered how political operatives on both extremes – and the humorless minions of oppressive PC culture – rush to demonize opposition with warlord zeal. “Fascist, racist, phobic, heartless,” they scream. How inclusive can such words be? The flow of my yoga concluded with […]

Make Love Your Life

A new friend confides, “I have always been a seeker.” I smile – a fructose-free crack in my stoic demeanor – to acknowledge the quest for meaning, the hero/heroine journey archetype and our inherent longing for a complete awakening in some exotic sanctuary. I understand the desire for love, to share a sense of spiritual transcendence and to simply be heard. “The courage of unconditional love is the true nature of the human spirit.” The opening sentence of my poem The Princess of God inspired by a heroine who rushed […]

Yoga in the Age of Distraction

Some say, “Yoga found me.” I don’t. That would be as if my parents “found me” in the hospital nine months after my father came home for lunch from the Air Force base. I am a result, a willful act of creation. Yoga was a gift from my aunt Joan, my spiritual mentor, during those trying adolescent years following the death of my father. I received yoga as a path for healing wounds that cannot be seen. Beyond schoolwork, National Geographic and four TV channels, I navigated a teenaged imagination-filled […]