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Motherhood and the ecstasy of being

Flames of my brother's memories

Two mothers gave me the life I know. The mother who birthed me taught the value of strength and the power of forgiveness. My spiritual mother, aunt Joan, taught me to live in the moment and to honor the divine feminine. The confluence of these two wise women opened my heart and mind to a universe of possibilities. One mother took care of business, introduced me to golf and the wonder of a story well told. Another presented the gifts of yoga and meditation. She cautioned that happiness is a […]

Precious Moments and the Gifts of Fatherhood

Running into my arms

I showed my nine-year-old granddaughter a photograph of a plate of artful Christmas cookies. “I did not eat one,” I confessed. “Can you believe that?” She looked skeptical. “No,” she said. “You probably ate them all.” I laughed. She knows me too well, but in that case I had exercised dietary restraint. In her room there’s a precious wide-eyed photograph of her at age two staring into the camera. “Who took this?” I asked. She smiled. “Probably you.” We hugged and I said, “Someday you’ll be grateful I took these […]