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Eulogy for Louis H. Jullien III

Lou Jullien and Ralph Cissne

My dear friend died of a heart attack on Interstate 40, September 14, 2017. This is the eulogy I delivered at Faithbridge Church in Spring, Texas, October 5. I thought I was Lou’s only friend. That is how he made you feel. We meet in 1974 a few years after he had recovered from cancer. His medical team advised if he lived two years he had a good chance of living a long life. Lou considered every day a gift. He was always enthusiastic, brought great joy to my life […]

Eulogy for Frank J. Cissne


My brother’s life is a love story so it is appropriate that we gather on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Frank was born in Beaumont, Texas January 29, 1939. Life expectancy then was 59 years. Average monthly rent was $28 and you could buy a new car for $700. Gone with the Wind won the Oscar that year as the world prepared for the war that defined America’s greatest generation, which included our parents. Our father was an Air Force officer. Frank inherited his hairstyle and asymmetrical sense of humor. […]